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Oh, no! Percival the platypus had his home polluted by evil soap! Now he's started to sneeze bubbles... but wait, maybe he can use the bubbles in order to escape the wretched pollution and find a new home <3

A short yet challenging little puzzle-platformer that seems like a platformer but plays a bit more like a puzzler. Time  your bubbles correctly and figure out how to get past all the obstacles in the way of your victory.

From the playtesters and the jurors judging the game projects, apparently this game is quite difficult to complete without a couple of play throughs but we did have like two people that could clear it so I have utmost fate in you guys! Arcade games are supposed to be a bit difficult! ^^/

This game was made by five students at game development school Futuregames in Sweden, as part of a two-week game project which started just two months into their education. (As such, there might be a few unresolved bugs and collision issues in the game, sorry about that <3)

Ada Huttula (2D Artist)
Victor Bohlin (2D Artist)
Gwangyeong Yun (Game Programmer)
Leon Andersson (Game Programmer)
Josefin de la Motte (Game Programmer)

A / ← walk left
D / → walk right
W / ↑ jump
[Spacebar] sneeze bubble
*Walk toward a bubble to kick it in that direction.

Install instructions

I think it is fairly easy to set up? After extracting the files from the zip folder, just open it through the .exe file with the bubble icon. =) 
Sound might be a bit loud at start so don't max your volume!


Playtpop! Pixel-art retro arcade game! 23 MB

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