A downloadable text-based game for Windows

During my first programming course, focusing on object oriented programming in C#, the very final assignment was to make a soda bottle sorting system of sorts...

I did not do that. Instead, I did the only sensible thing anyone would do when handed the same task:
I decided to make a text based dungeon adventure game!
(Disclaimer: Creating your own project was allowed)

Inspired by adventure books where you turn to a new page based on the decisions you make, this text base game functions much in the same way. By choosing where to go, you enter new rooms in the dungeon where you will solve puzzles, find hidden messages or objects, or battle against monsters.

The battle system is a bit repetetive so it's possibly not the most exciting game to play, but I still want to upload it since it's where I started my game programming journey and it's what got me accepted into the game development school where the rest of my currently uploaded games were created.

Afaik it doesn't have any bugs but please let me know if it does!

Can you make it to the end? Let me know in the comments~

Install instructions

Should simply work from downloading the file.
Your anti-virus might give you some grief about it being an unrecognized publisher (thanks for rubbing it in!).
If you'd prefer a zip file over the pure .exe, let me know and I can add that too!


Jonico's Dungeon Adventure 65 kB

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